Ideas on How to Hang Your Custom Acrylic Photo in Singapore

Hanging custom acrylic frames should be easy enough. However, some people struggle to determine how best to do it, especially when the photo display is also part of the home and office décor. Some acrylic photo frames look better in certain areas of the home and office. 

Your photo display tells a lot about your personality and style. How do you want your visitors to see you even when they don’t really know you? 

Be sure you want the frames you have chosen.

It is not uncommon for one to immediately regret their choice of frames, especially when one or two are out of place when put together with the other photo displays. The custom acrylic picture frames you choose should fit in with your interior décor. You should also have in mind the frames you already have.

Will the acrylic photo stand out so much that it will look out of place when put together with the other photos? If it will, you can opt to create its own special space, especially if you go for the large print floating frame. 

Creatively mix and match frames.

Although custom acrylic photo frames have become quite popular, they can also be costly if you have many photos to frame. Instead of giving up on putting your favourite photos up because you couldn’t afford to frame them, you can opt for alternative frames for some of the photos.

First, select the photos that would look great with custom acrylic Singapore. Photos that have plenty of bright colours will look awesome in custom acrylic picture frames. You can also decide which ones are suitable for other frames, such as canvas, metal, and wood. 

While many people think photos look great when they have the same frames, this is not always the case. For example, just like you can have contemporary modern interior décor with a few rustic finishes, you can mix and match some of your photo frames. For example, metal and wood look great together, with metal representing a modern look, while wood retains the traditional appeal. 

However, try not to go overboard because overdoing it will make your room look tacky. If you are going for mismatched frames, consider unifying the photos using colours and texture. 

Create an obvious pattern when hanging the photos


Your custom acrylic photo frames are a work of art. Display them as such. You can choose symmetrical designs by picking acrylic picture frames that are the same size and display them in a grid format. For example, if you have 12 acrylic photos, you can create four rows of evenly spaced photos, placing three photos per row. 

If you find symmetry arrangement uptight and too orderly for you, you can choose an asymmetry display where you use odd number displays. Whichever your choice, it should be a style that works for you. 

Avoid the obvious

When you visit your family and friends, most of their photos are probably in the same spaces, even though the house designs are different. There are default spots that have been used for photo displays in most homes. The space above the sofa, the wall above the mantel, and the wall above the bed are common photo display areas. 

This is your space, and you can be as creative as you wish. After all, if you can opt for custom acrylic picture frames, you may as well personalize your photo display space. For example, you can choose to display your custom acrylic Singapore photo at the end of the hallway. 

While there may be unspoken rules regarding photo displays, you don’t have to conform to them if you find them boring. You can create the right energy by choosing custom acrylic photo frames that suit your style, personality, and home décor.