Toilet paper with stacks of coins

How To Choose An Economical Toilet Bowl In Malaysia

Toilet paper with stacks of coins

Toilet Bowl Statistics

On average a person uses a toilet bowl at least 9 to 10 times a day. Thus, the importance of the toilet bowl becomes much fold for people and they spend a considerable amount of time and sometimes money in choosing the right option. 

How To Choose A Good Toilet Bowl

The selection of the toilet bowl also depends upon the size of your toilet, consumption, usage of water and other features. Some salient in this regard are:

Check The Measurement Of The Bowl

If you intend to buy a toilet bowl keeping in view the size of your back wall and other areas around the toilet, then check all dimensions of the toilet from the middle. Normally, the distance is said to be from 4 inches to 12 inches. You need to take the size along to the retailer for the sake of selecting a bowl. If you already have a bowl in your toilet, you need to take it out and then take the corrective and current measurement for installing the new bowl. 

The Flushing System

Normally the power of the flush system makes the water flow in the bowl. It all depends on hoe the fluid energy within the bowl recreate this strength for pushing out the water and make it flow all across. It also helps in efficiently cleaning the entire bowl. In the first place, the design of the toilet bowl determines everything related to the water flushing capability. Normally, two types of systems work for this purpose:

The Wash Down System:

In this design, the water flow throws the waste down with its normal flow. The upthrust of the water doesn’t let any material stuck in the bowl. It is a kind of pump or pipe system which works systematically.

The Siphonic System: 

This design has a small size trap way, which means your toilet bowl has more chances of getting clogged or blocked. Though the flushing capability of the type is efficient, which makes it very efficient in dealing. Since there is a big trap way in this type, but a smaller quantity of water is left in the bowl. Make sure the retailer knows about your requirement and preferred choices to help you make a final purchase. 

The Design Of The Toilet Bowl:

The design is selected keeping in view the size of the toilet and also your preference. You can select the square or a round type:

The Square Or Round Type: 

The round of square type takes less space and can easily be managed in one corner. The overall toilet will look spacious and big.

The Round Space:

With the round space, the sides of the toilet take less space thus leaving some space non-utilized on the sides. 

Normally installing a one-piece toilet is not that easy because those are cumbersome to carry and hard to install, but these look good when installed and you do not carry any separate materials when getting it installed. 


The pricing of the toilet bowl in Malaysia varies according to the designs being offered and the convenience it carries. Rest, it depends upon your likes and preference as to which design you intend to choose for your toilet for your house.