Do You Need Marine Insurance For Small Consignment

Do You Need Marine Insurance For Small Consignment?

Do not leave your insurance decision on the size of the consignment. You should always evaluate the cost of the consignment you are about to send-off. While assessing the cost, keep in mind not just the material value of the goods in the consignment but also how much of your reputation maybe at stake in case of damages. As a business owner you will be knowing the true worth of reputation in business.

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Perils to your consignment

Even though your consignment may look small, but it is exposed to same perils as any big consignment that maybe on the ship. During transportation it will be exposed to
� Accidents, fire, explosion
� Pirates
� Natural disasters
� Sinking of ship

These are some of the most common danger to any water freight. World Shipping Council adds to this list of increasing risk of loss of ship.

Can I rely on carrier liability?

It is not a good idea to rely on carrier liability as they have several limitations. It is also exempted from international conventions. If your consignment is value to you then you should not take chances with it. Carrier liability gives nominal insurance coverage. Claiming or settlement of such issues is a tedious and long-standing process.
What will I be covered for?

� Loss of consignment
� Damage
� Theft or pirate attack
� Shipwreck

This is not a comprehensive list. But remember you will not be covered in case of manufacturing and related defects in your goods or products.

Points to consider

Before committing to an Insurance for Marine Singapore , you must assess the following points about your goods

� Value of cargo
� Duration of transit
� Type of product (toxic, perishable, others)
� Route from start to destination (weather variables and its impact on goods and then protection in the vessel)

As a small business owner your reputation in the market is still at its early stages. You should not endanger your growing popularity by not insuring your goods just down cut-down on some initial expenses.
If you still have your doubts or want to get a better clarity on your insurance needs, consult an agent to help you through the process. You can also do a risk assessment yourself before meeting up with an insurance advisor in order to present the advisor with your needs and requirement clearly.

No matter the size of your business or consignment, in order to ensure your business thrives, make the smart move and invest in commercial marine insurance.