Choosing between Collage and Single Wood Photo Prints

One focus for most smartphone manufacturers has been the camera. Now you can be sure you are getting high-quality images every time you take out your phone to capture memorable events and moments in your life. The advantage is you no longer have to live with regrets about not having photos of the best events in your life, especially those random meetings with friends and family. 

The downside is you may end up with too many photos. Some may never get printed because you have don’t have space to display them. Fortunately, you can use personalised photo print on wood to create a collage of multiple photos displayed on one wooden photo frame. 

Can you have too many collage wood photo prints? Are there photos that are best put on single wooden picture gifts instead of a collage?

Collage saves on space.

Sometimes the problem is not that you have too many photos. Often the challenge is where to place the custom wood prints. There is so much wall space you can set aside for your photo display. If overdone, your photos will not look as attractive as you hoped, and your home will be overwhelmed by the photo displays. 

Collage allows you to display as many photos and moments as you can without feeling like you have to choose whose photos should grace your walls. 

On the other hand, single wood photo prints take too much space, yet you will display very few photos. If you don’t have many photos, then a single personalised photo print on wood is ideal for you. 

Use single frames if you want the focus to be on one photo.

The disadvantage of collage is the photos compete for attention. Sure, you may choose to have one picture stand out from the rest by making the print larger, but the effect will not be the same as when that photo was displayed alone. 

For example, if you have a photo of the family’s matriarch, you may prefer to have it on a single frame rather than putting her image in a collage. Doing this will give her a place of honour on your photo display. You want anyone observing the wooden picture gifts for the first time to tell she is special in the home. 

Collect photos of an event in a collage

Instead of having too many single photo frames of a birthday or wedding, you can choose to have a personalised wooden photo block collage. This way, when someone is looking at the photos, it will feel like she has just walked into the event. It also easier to keep track of the events in your life using collage custom wood prints.

Collage wooden prints make excellent gifts.

Choosing a gift is never easy. However, custom wooden picture gifts are great for any event, and since there will be multiple photos, it will feel like the person has received multiple gifts.

For example, you can gift your grandma with a collage containing various photos and moments with her great-grandchildren. She will no doubt cherish this personalised photo print on wood. 

There are multiple ways for you to display a personalised wooden photo block. You can choose to use a single photo or a collage. Each display has its strengths and weaknesses, so you can choose what works best.