Boost employee security with the use of visitor management systems

Boost employee security with the use of visitor management systems

Although a visitor is highly valued in any business, the employee is equally important. Employees are exposed to all sorts of visitors. Some are genuine. Others walk through the doors will ill intentions. If you are lucky, the damage the visitor intends to cause will not harm your employees. Unfortunately, some employees have been physically injured by some visitors. Such situations are made worse if no information of the visitor is verifiable. Such a visitor would get away with his crime if all he did was sign on a piece of paper. An electronic visitor management system helps to minimize such cases.

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In this article on, the author talks of ways to protect employees, patients and students with the use of visitor management systems.

Protection of inhabitants with the use of visitor management systems

Welcoming guests is key to the success of any organization, from schools to hospitals to large corporations. Visitors play a key role in education, finance, manufacturing and other industries, and are a key part of sustained success in many fields. However, having visitors at your facilities doesn’t have to mean sacrificing safety. Read more here

The life of patients in hospitals, students in schools and employees in places of work is just as important as that of visitors. Attaching equal value to life will help you protect the people within your premises from any risks from those coming in. By taking measures to have a record of every visitor, you will be deterring those with ill motives from attempting anything. The visitor management system will also encourage those within the premises to have confidence in the security of the institution or organization. Employees will focus on their work when they are not worried about the strangers walking in and out of the building.

This article by IntelligentHQ focuses on the value a visitor management system adds to the running of a business.

Offer better service with visitor management systems

“Chances are, you’ve had to wait in a lobby at least once in your lifetime, twiddling your thumbs as a well-meaning receptionist signs you in using the pen and paper system. For a long time, that’s all a business had to go by, and the incomplete or inaccurate information that accompanied it. But, as with most other things pertaining to business, this system has been updated and streamlined for the 21st Century.” Read more here

 Visitors to offices sometimes wait unnecessarily. This is due to the absence of a streamlined system where the needs of the visitors are classified. If such a system is set up from the moment the electronic system captures the visitor’s details, the office would be alerted of the visitor’s expectations and the right person assigned to help the visitor. This way a visitor is served as soon as he walks in. This will save time and boost the reputation of the company.

In this article on, the author discusses automated visitor management system and its benefits.


Track the number of visitors with an automated visitor management system

“There is no doubt in the fact that most organizations attract large number of visitors. Modern, growing businesses are always concerned with keeping their physical and logical data secure. Depending on a few security guards and sign-in sheets doesn’t ensure security of your premises. Gone are the days when registers were used for visitor sign-in process.” Read more here

Sign-in sheets work on the assumption that those employed at the entry point are pro-active enough to get every visitor to sign in. It also assumes employees will be at their workstations at all times. There are several loopholes to this system of recording visits. It is important to note that some visitors may not wish to record their real identities. Some may refuse to leave any record of their visit. Unfortunately, security personnel may not always know how to handle such situations. For you to have an accurate record of visits to your office premises, an automated visitor management system is essential.

The use of electronic visitor management systems will help your business to run more efficiently. It will save your visitors from explaining the purpose of their visit at every point of entry. Once the information is captured at the gate, the customer care desk is automatically alerted. The receptionist should be able to save time by either responding to the visitor as expected or referring him to another member of staff. This will help boost productivity while at the same time guarantee the security of visitors and employees.