Benefits of Having a Personalised EZ Link Card

Before personalising ez link cards, most people wonder if it is a worthwhile effort. Is it worth the cost? Most companies charge less than $10 for personalising an ez link card. Depending on the order threshold, you may also need to pay shipping costs. Besides the cost, you also need to come up with the design for your card. 

Many corporate companies use customised ezlink cards for marketing purposes. They expect to return on investment, especially when they personalise thousands of cards to potential clients. 

What does an individual gain from having a personalised ez link card? Order your personalized ez link card now!

It cements card ownership.

A personalised ez link card makes it more real that you are the owner. It is almost like having your atm card or ID. It belongs to you, and no one else can grab it and claim it is theirs when your name and other details are on it. 

Human beings take pride in owning stuff. A customised ezlink card that only bears the details of the distribution company looks like a card that is in your possession temporarily. However, when you have a personalised one, it feels like it is yours to use as you wish, at least until it expires. 

It is an awesome connection for members of the same family.

One-way families are personalising the ezlink card design is by using a family photo with all the members present. So, wherever you are, whether you are in transit to work or dining in a restaurant, you will feel a connection with your family every time you pay. 

It is also a great way for families to share one identification. Besides having family photos, members of the same family can share the same ez link design. This is a great way for family members to use customised ezlink cards as a common identity. 

You are your brand

Gone are the days when brands were exclusive to companies. Today, individuals are a brand. The digital era has opened avenues for individuals to market themselves as brands. This is how influencers come to be. You may not be popular today, but who is to say you will not be tomorrow?

If you are a motivational speaker and are looking for ways to expand your brand, you can use the personalised ez link card. Ask your loved ones if they can have your image on their cards. As your brand grows, you can customise more cards to give to your avid followers. 

About 14% of Singaporeans in the labor force are self-employed. Besides having ez link card designs bearing your company profile, you can also use your personal profile for marketing your business. 

It is easier to find a lost card.

While a few people may fail to report a card they find on the walkway, many would try to find the owner whose details are on the card. A personalised ez link card can bear your preferred image and contact details. If, for example, you forget your card at the store or restaurant after paying for the service, you are likely to receive a call to let you know where to find your card. 

The freedom to change the ezlink card design to suit your style is probably one factor that makes the ez link card appealing. You can make the card as attractive as you wish, using a range of colours and photos. This gives the perception of ownership and a great marketing opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.