Multicoloured polo tees on a table

A Guide to Custom Polo Shirts

Multicoloured polo tees on a table

Polo Tees Is Smart Casual

When you visit stores of some of the most popular brands in the world, you will not fail to find custom polo tee shirts. The versatility and comfort of the polo shirt make it the preferred option internationally for customised apparel. 

In Singapore, many corporate institutions and retail stores use custom logo polo shirts for official wear. Custom polo shirts Singapore look great in the office, but they are also comfortable to wear in the field. 

This guide gives you an idea of how you can select the best custom polo tees for personal and business use. 

Unique Features Of The Polo Shirts

The versatility of the polo shirt is not in doubt. It is one of the customised wears that can be tweaked in various ways to make it more comfortable and attractive. For example, you can choose to have custom polo shirts Singapore with long or short sleeves, depending on your preference and where they will be worn. 

For example, long-sleeved polo tee printing Singapore is excellent for people who spend a lot of time outdoors and are worried about sunburns. Traditional short-sleeved custom polo shirts are great for the office and pretty much any occasion. You can wear one for official functions or during the weekend.

The collar of the polo tee can be quite uncomfortable on a hot day. Fortunately, moisture-wicking polos are available to ensure you stay cool and dry. Other features to look out for include UV-resistant material and four-way stretch technology for a perfect fit. 

Pockets Or No Pockets?

It is easy to add a pocket on custom polo shirts in Singapore. If you consider pockets a necessity of the custom polo tees, you need to point this out when placing your order. Not all polo tee shirts have pockets. 

Some companies add this feature to distinguish custom polo shirts for men and women during polo tee printing Singapore. Others consider it a great addition to complement the embroidered company logo. 

Some people, on the other hand, consider pockets an unnecessary addition. Your choice depends on your preference. 

Where To Place The Logo

The size of your logo will determine where you place it. The most common location during polo tee printing Singapore is the left and right chest. Having a logo at the front of the shirt is critical because it is the first thing people will see. 

You can also choose to have additional logos on other parts of the custom polo shirts Singapore. For example, you may choose to have additional placements on the sleeves and at the back of the polo shirt. However, try not to overdo it because you can easily go from stylish to tacky because of logo overuse. 

Printing Techniques

Your custom polo shirts Singapore can be personalised through screen printing, digital printing, or the use of embroidery. Embroidery is preferred because it complements the perceived high-end value of the polo tee. Screen printing and digital prints are more suitable for t-shirts. 

You should discuss the pros and cons of the different printing options and their impact on the polo t-shirts before deciding on the ideal printing technique. 


Polo tees with professional printing in Singapore costs a little more than t-shirts. Polo shirts are quite popular, and when done right, the demand for your merch will increase. Whether you intend to sell the customised polo t-shirts or give them away, you need to ensure you pick the right fabric and printing style.