Why Economics tuition in Singapore is the cheapest in Asia

Let’s look into Singapore. Singapore is a city and also a country. It consists of big islands and some much smaller ones. Singapore is an economic powerhouse in Asia and Southeast Asia’s most developed city for more than 10 decades now.

Singapore has one of the fastest growing educational systems in Asia. To study economics in Singapore has been assumed expensive because of the high quality of institutions and high standard of living there.

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But, here is an eye-opener to show you why JC economics tuition in Singapore is the cheapest in Asia. Firstly, here are two basic things we need to know about economics.

Firstly, what is economics? Economics is the study of how goods are produced (manufactured), supplied (distribution) and consumed. It is a very important factor in our daily lives. Economic growth of a nation is said to be the most important growth a nation can have. In our world today a country is said to have a high standard of living if her economy is great.

Let’s look at the two major aspects of economics that deals with our everyday lives.

Microeconomics vs Macroeconomics

Microeconomics: focuses on pricing, margins, customer behavior etc. Microeconomics is also known a the branch of economics the focuses on traders, how they produce local goods to how they supply. Also, which goods do people need, why people need them, do people have the purchasing power (money) to purchase them? This aspect is important for the economy of a nation to grow and also to improve the standard of living of a nation.

Macroeconomics: focuses on larger things like HDI(human development index), GDP(gross domestic product) etc. This is the aspect that looks into the nation’s economy as a whole. It involves knowing the average income of a family, the average amount a family spends. Macroeconomics gives a country a whole figure or a summed up figure of its microeconomics.

Now let’s take a look at top schools you can study economics in Singapore and compare them to top schools in the western world(US UK and so on).

In Singapore:

SIM( Singapore Institute of Management)

ERC Institute

University of London international programs in Singapore

SAA global education center

NUS (National University of Singapore)

SMU (Singapore Management University)

Singapore University of Technology and Design

McGill University, Singapore

The tuition/fees of these schools listed above ranges between $8000-$10000 (with living expenses).

Now let’s compare these universities to the top universities in the US and UK, that of the same standard with these above Singapore universities.

Universities in US and UK

Birmingham University (UK) which costs about $18,000-$23,000( with living expenses).

Harvard University (US) which costs about $25,000(with living expenses).

London School of Economics (UK) which costs about $28,000( with living expenses).

University of Chicago (US) which costs about $30,000(with living expenses).

NUS-Yale University (US) which costs about $35,000(with living expenses)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) US, which costs about $35,000(with living expenses) This list can go on and on. we can now see for ourselves that studying economics in Singapore is the cheapest in Asia with the same standard of living as the western countries.

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Are you now interested in studying economics in Singapore?