Work Injury Compensation Insurance and Incompatible Works: What Do They Mean?

Did you recently join the workforce or got your first job in Singapore? Are you a new business owner with a handful of employees? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you should read this article carefully, as it contains some intricate information you need to know about Incompatible works and Work Injury Compensation Insurance in Singapore. 

Since you are new to the business world, you may write off both them or label them as unimportant. That is a big mistake if you ask me because learning about WICI and Incompatible works can help employers mitigate the risks in the work environment and take care of injured workers. Employers can also benefit as well. You see, when they know how the WICI works they will be able to get their compensation quicker if and when they get injured at work and require workplace injury compensation insurance cover

The following article by SGBizInsure shed light on everything you need to know about work injury compensation and incompatible works. 

Work Injury Compensation Insurance and Incompatible Works

When dealing with Work Injury Compensation Insurance, you may come across the word “Incompatible works”. This can result in workplace injuries occurring in many industries including marine, oil & gas, manufacturing (chemical/pharmaceutical/ food), waste management etc. Read more here.

You surely now know what Incompatible works and work injury compensation is all about. You also now know some strategic ways to reduce incompatible work and make your work area safer. But do you know that the Work Injury Compensation Act may be changed very soon? Read the next article carefully to learn how the change will affect workers. 

The following article by Sue-Ann Tan discusses what the proposed change to the WICA will mean for workers in Singapore. 

Injured workers to get better assurance of compensation

The proposals are among possible amendments to the Work Injury Compensation Act, which requires employers to compensate staff injured at work. One change would broaden coverage to ensure more employeesRead more here

You likely now know how the proposed amendment to the Work Injury Compensation Act will benefit workers. You also now know how much an injured employee will receive. Not too long ago, Josephine Teo, Singapore’s Minister of Manpower responded to a question on the percentage of the claims under WICA. Want to learn more about her response? If yes, read the next article carefully. 

The following article by Humanresourcesonline discusses some a few things you probably don’t know about the Work Injury Compensation Act in Singapore. 

Claims under Work Injury Compensation Act in Singapore

Singapore’s Minister for Manpower, Josephine Teo, took to responding to a question by MP Louis Ng Kok Kwang on the percentage of claims under the Work Injury Compensation Act made by S Pass and Work Permit holders that are determined to be valid or invalid. Read more here.

You likely now know how the Minister of Manpower answered a question regarding percentage claims under the WICA made by S Pass. You also now know some possible reasons why it takes a long time for injured employees to get their compensation early. 

Final note 

Knowledge is power. With the right knowledge, workers and employees can protect themselves. To elaborate, if employers know about incompatible works, it will be easy for them to make their work environment safer. 

Workers who are abreast with the Work Injury Compensation Act will know the right steps to take to get their compensation when injured. 

Soon, employers and employees will benefit from the proposed adjustment to the Work Injury Compensation Act in Singapore. 

What Employers and Workers Need to Know About the Work Compensation Act in Singapore

Whether you are an employer or a worker in basically any industry, you must learn about the Work Injury Compensation Act. The obvious reason for this is that accidents can happen even in the safest environment. 

As an employer, if you aren’t prepared, legal action may be taken against you by your workers if they are not swiftly compensated- you don’t want that. Workers, on the other hand, are equally affected. You see, if a worker doesn’t know how to go about collecting his or her compensation after sustaining an injury while working, chances are, it may take months or years before his or her issues will be resolved. 

The best course of action, therefore, is for employers and employees to learn as much as they can about protection through work injury compensation

The following article by Terence Hoong shed light on some intricate things workers and employers need to know about the Work Injury Compensation Act in Singapore.   

Work Injury Compensation Act: What is It and How You Can Manage the Risk

Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA), is a statutory requirement for all Singapore employers. With WICA, it is much easier for employees to make claims for work-related injuries and illness. This means that as an employer, you are facing a potential employer’s liability from WICA-related claims. Read more here.

You likely now know what employees can claim under WICA and how employers can be affected by WICA. You also now know some strategic ways to manage the risks associated with using WICA insurance. But, do you know that there is a special work injury compensation program that can help protect employers and employees? Read the next article carefully to learn more about it. 

The following article by DBS unveils one of the best work injury compensation programs in Singapore. 

Work Injury Compensation

Chubb Work Guard™ is a work injury compensation programme designed to protect employers and employees with adequate coverage beyond the basic statutory requirements. Key features of the Chubb Work-Guard includes competitive limits for Common Law and Medical expenses- Read more here.

You surely now know what Chubb Work-Guard is all about and the protection it offers to employees and employers. You also now know some key features of the program and some amazing additional benefits you will enjoy if you sign up for it. But do you know that the Work Injury Compensation Act may be amended later this year? 

The following article by Reach discusses some key thing you need to know about the proposed amendments to the WICA. 

Public Consultation On Proposed Amendments To The Work Injury Compensation Act

In January 2019, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) invited members of the public to provide feedback on the proposed changes to the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) (See Annex for proposed changes). Read more here.

You likely now know a thing or two about the changes that may be made to the Work Injury Compensation Act in the future. You also now know what the proposed changes will mean for workers and employers. If you aren’t clear with some part of it or have questions, feel free to consult a professional or better still, do deep and extensive research to find answers to the questions you seek. 

Final note 

Changes that were made to the Work Injury Compensation act a while back have brought smiles to the faces of employers and employees. With it, workers will be compensated early. Even more, they will be paid more. 

Employers aren’t left out, as the amendments protect them from false and fraudulent claims by their workers. 

So, if you are a worker or an employer, it is wise that you take a close look at the adjustment that will be made, as it will put you in a better position to protect yourself and your business in the event of an accident. 

Everything You Need to Know About Workplace Injury Compensation in Singapore

Life is uncertain. Within seconds an accident can occur and cause large scale destruction. And even worse claim lives. Many people delude themselves into thinking that life is all sunshine and rainbows and bad things will never happen to them. But that is not really a smart way to live because anything can happen to anyone, anywhere. One of the main areas where accidents happen is in the workplace. 

A report from TodayOnline shows that about 15,000 cases of work-related injury occur each year in Singapore. Sadly, only a fraction of the injured workers where compensated early. Most times, it took up to a year or more before proper work injury compensation was fulfilled.

Having little or no idea about what WICA (Work Injury Compensation Act) is all about and how it works may be one of the main reasons why the cases of these people were not resolved on time. 

The following article by Ronald JJ Wong is basically a how-to guide to claiming workplace injury compensation in Singapore. 

How can I claim compensation for workplace injuries in Singapore?

Getting injured at work can be a nightmare. Not only are you anxious about recovering from your injury suffered, but you may also be worried about dealing with complicated claims against your employer. Thankfully, in Singapore, the process of claiming is simplified for workers covered by the (WICA). Read more here.

You likely now know how to go about collecting your compensation if you are involved in an accident while at your workplace in Singapore. However, you need to keep in mind that there are some unique circumstances where you may not be compensated. Want to find out more about these unique circumstances? If yes, then you should read the next article carefully. 

The following article by SSO shed light on the revised edition of the Work Injury Compensation Act in Singapore. 


This Act may be cited as the Work Injury Compensation Act.[5/2008]Interpretation2.—(1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires —“approved hospital” means a hospital prescribed to be such under section 14(1); Read more here.

You likely now have a clear picture of what the Work Injury Compensation Act is all about. You also now know some unique circumstances you may not be compensated like when you sustain an injury because you were careless. Well, since you are new to the work-injury act, you may have questions or may not be clear with some part of it. If that is the case, the next article may be of help. 

The following article by MOM shed light on the answers to some frequently asked questions about Work injury compensation. 

Work injury compensation

Although my injuries were not permanent, my employer has not paid for my medical leave and medical expenses. What should I do? Am I still responsible for my foreign employee’s salary and accommodation if he’s represented by a lawyer for his Work Injury Compensation claim? Read more here.

You surely now know the answers to some mind racking questions about Work injury compensation Act. Don’t hesitate to ask a professional if you have a unique question or aren’t quite clear with the answers provided. 

Final note 

Don’t wait until trouble comes knocking at your door before taking action. As a worker, there is no better time than now to learn as much as you can about work injury compensation. Since you can’t really tell what the future holds, it is smart to arm yourself with the intricate information you need to get you compensated if you happen to be involved in an accident while carrying out your duties at your workplace. 

Make an effort to do deep and extensive research to learn about the clause and loopholes in the WICA. Yes, doing this may be difficult, but it will go a long way in helping you figure out the fastest way to get compensated when injured at your workplace. 

Boost employee security with the use of visitor management systems

Boost employee security with the use of visitor management systems

Although a visitor is highly valued in any business, the employee is equally important. Employees are exposed to all sorts of visitors. Some are genuine. Others walk through the doors will ill intentions. If you are lucky, the damage the visitor intends to cause will not harm your employees. Unfortunately, some employees have been physically injured by some visitors. Such situations are made worse if no information of the visitor is verifiable. Such a visitor would get away with his crime if all he did was sign on a piece of paper. An electronic visitor management system helps to minimize such cases.

If you are looking to protect your institutions from such troublesome behavior, you should consider ATT Systems Group. They offer not only an integrated Visitor Management System, but also advise on how to run it. Check out their site today.

In this article on, the author talks of ways to protect employees, patients and students with the use of visitor management systems.

Protection of inhabitants with the use of visitor management systems

Welcoming guests is key to the success of any organization, from schools to hospitals to large corporations. Visitors play a key role in education, finance, manufacturing and other industries, and are a key part of sustained success in many fields. However, having visitors at your facilities doesn’t have to mean sacrificing safety. Read more here

The life of patients in hospitals, students in schools and employees in places of work is just as important as that of visitors. Attaching equal value to life will help you protect the people within your premises from any risks from those coming in. By taking measures to have a record of every visitor, you will be deterring those with ill motives from attempting anything. The visitor management system will also encourage those within the premises to have confidence in the security of the institution or organization. Employees will focus on their work when they are not worried about the strangers walking in and out of the building.

This article by IntelligentHQ focuses on the value a visitor management system adds to the running of a business.

Offer better service with visitor management systems

“Chances are, you’ve had to wait in a lobby at least once in your lifetime, twiddling your thumbs as a well-meaning receptionist signs you in using the pen and paper system. For a long time, that’s all a business had to go by, and the incomplete or inaccurate information that accompanied it. But, as with most other things pertaining to business, this system has been updated and streamlined for the 21st Century.” Read more here

 Visitors to offices sometimes wait unnecessarily. This is due to the absence of a streamlined system where the needs of the visitors are classified. If such a system is set up from the moment the electronic system captures the visitor’s details, the office would be alerted of the visitor’s expectations and the right person assigned to help the visitor. This way a visitor is served as soon as he walks in. This will save time and boost the reputation of the company.

In this article on, the author discusses automated visitor management system and its benefits.


Track the number of visitors with an automated visitor management system

“There is no doubt in the fact that most organizations attract large number of visitors. Modern, growing businesses are always concerned with keeping their physical and logical data secure. Depending on a few security guards and sign-in sheets doesn’t ensure security of your premises. Gone are the days when registers were used for visitor sign-in process.” Read more here

Sign-in sheets work on the assumption that those employed at the entry point are pro-active enough to get every visitor to sign in. It also assumes employees will be at their workstations at all times. There are several loopholes to this system of recording visits. It is important to note that some visitors may not wish to record their real identities. Some may refuse to leave any record of their visit. Unfortunately, security personnel may not always know how to handle such situations. For you to have an accurate record of visits to your office premises, an automated visitor management system is essential.

The use of electronic visitor management systems will help your business to run more efficiently. It will save your visitors from explaining the purpose of their visit at every point of entry. Once the information is captured at the gate, the customer care desk is automatically alerted. The receptionist should be able to save time by either responding to the visitor as expected or referring him to another member of staff. This will help boost productivity while at the same time guarantee the security of visitors and employees.

How Can Traffic Counters Help Improve Client Experiences For Businesses?

The retail sector has undergone many changes since the olden days and this trend of continuous evolution is not going to stop anytime soon. Keeping with the times, retail industry has embraced technology for the good it can do and as a result, have profited massively from it. Unsurprisingly, technology has now become almost an inseparable part of the retail industry. It does not matter how small or large a business is, it is impossible to run a profitable business without leveraging technology meaningfully currently.

If you are a city planner or a traffic company and are looking for a traffic counter, you should consider ATT Systems Traffic Counter System. This system tracks both vehicles and human traffic, provides real time statistics, and can be portable or fixed. If you are looking for such a solution, you should check out ATT Systems Traffic Counting System.

Malls are able to remain lucrative only because of the edge that technology offers them in attracting clients and retaining them. In order for the businesses to properly leverage technology, it is imperative that they gain an understanding of the average customer psyche. Analysing client traffic through malls and various business outlets is the best way for businesses to gain an understanding of how the clients think and what they value the most. Although most people do not realise it, for advertising to be truly effective, it needs to be deployed at strategic locations. Locations can easily be unraveled by leveraging traffic counters. There are hardly any businesses out there, which are not leveraging scientific studies to boost their profits right now.

In this article we shall discuss, how can traffic counters help improve client experiences for businesses.

Online vs offline modes of shopping
Discounts and promotional drives are no longer attracting clients like they were before. To make matters worse, the vast majority of the people nowadays, prefer to shop online rather visit an actual brick and mortar store to shop for something. With people becoming increasingly dependent on the Internet for all of their needs, brick and mortar stores will have to work hard to remain lucrative in the future. A silver lining for brick and mortar stores is that, even though online sales are increasing, there are some items which people will always prefer to see in person before they buy, like apparel or shoes for example. In order for the brick and mortar stores to capitalise on these kinds of clients, they should try their best to improve the client experience to the maximum extent possible. Traffic counters are the perfect solution for brick and mortar stores to do this. Leveraging the data generated by the traffic counters, brick and mortar stores will be able to rearrange their store layout for maximum client enjoyment. Stores will be able to focus more on those items more which are attracting the clients, instead of uniformly focusing on all kinds of goods.

Overall business improvement
Traffic counters can help brick and mortar stores streamline all aspects of running a business like security, staffing and others. With the increasing competition in companies selling traffic counters, businesses will be able to employ traffic counters without breaking the bank.

Types of Corporate Insurance

The first step to buying corporate insurance is choosing the right type of insurance for you and your company. Usually there are so many types that you have to choose from that it becomes really difficult to choose the one that will be most suitable for you. Here is a list of all the major types of corporate insurances that are available in the market so that you can make a more informed decision before you actually buy the insurance.

General Liability Insurance

This is the most basic type of insurance that every single institution should have irrespective of the size. It gives you and your company a defense against any damages that are caused are alleged to be caused by you, your product, your company or your employee.

Property Insurance

This type of insurance helps to cover any damage that is caused to your property which also includes any type of office equipment, inventory, tools, and computers. The damage can be caused due to a fire, vandalism, smoke damage or even theft.

Business Interruption Insurance

There are certain times when you are not able to work due to various reasons some of which have been mentioned above. By choosing business interruption insurance you will be able to cover these losses and not lose out too much profit.

Business Owner’s Policy

The business owner’s policy is a bundle insurance that can cover most of the different liabilities that a business owner may face during the running of their business. As this type of insurance covers a variety of different services it may be a more economical choice for the business owners as opposed to choosing to get individual insurance for different aspects of the business.

Commercial Auto Insurance

This type of insurance helps to protect all the vehicles that are owned by the company. It helps to protect the vehicles that are used to transport the employees or those vehicles that transport the different equipment or products of the company. For those companies that don’t own vehicles but the employees use their own vehicles for office work they can choose non-owned auto liability.

Workers compensation

This type of insurance comes in useful in case the employee gets injured on the job and that workmen get the compensation they deserve in the case of a mischap. It helps to compensate the medical bills and the employees’ wages when they are not able to work and need medical attention. Choosing this kind of insurance is essential as it will protect you from legal complications in the case of a mishap.

Professional Liability Insurance

The type of insurance is needed in cases where the company fails to provide or improperly provides a professional service to the client.

Directors and Officers Insurance

The directors and officers of a company are protected by this insurance against any action that may prove to affect the working or the profitability of the company that can lead to a lawsuit.

Data Breach

In cases where the company has access to and stores highly sensitive information it is important for the company to have this kind of insurance. These companies are responsible for the protection of the data and this insurance protects them against a breach that has either occurred digitally or on a paper file.
Renters Insurance

This insurance is a subset of home owners insurance that helps protect you against any damage that is caused to the home or property in cases when you rent out your home or any other kind of property.

Disability Insurance

This type of insurance is very helpful in case you suffer from any kind of injury or sickness that affects your core job responsibility. It helps to replace most of the business owners income in such cases.

Insurance for corporate and personal sector

The insurance sector has seen in a boom since the past few years and has been on a steady rise ever since then. The need for a safer and securer future has driven individuals to go for insurance instruments nowadays as against earlier times when the need for financial security was not so predominant in society. The insurance companies provide security in the name of insurance policies to both individuals as well as corporate.

Risk and financial security are two key ingredients of the insurance sector. Risk factor is an integral part of any entity be it an individual or a corporate house and with the presence of various insurance instruments risk minimization has been enabled to a great extent. Insurance provides the much needed financial security and stability to any entity. Insurance instruments can be broadly categorized into health insurance, life insurance and non- life or endowment policies. This covers the apparent risk factors of both individuals as well as businesses. The risk factors could be premature death in case of an individual and loss of property in the case of individual and businesses. Insurance policies primarily covered these two aspects. Nowadays they offer more covers in terms of protection against early retirement or any legal liability or just investment with returns.

Commercial insurance for corporate covers lots of aspects which can be broadly categorized into engineering insurance, property insurance, employees benefits , insurance bonds ,professional indemnity ,wok injury compensation insurance, commercial general liability ,marine insurance , machinery and equipment insurance, directors’ and officers’ liability,foreign worker medical insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, public liability and employer liability insurance.

Engineering insurance provides covers all specified risks during the construction phase like damage to property or any kind of injury. Property insurance gives cover against any damages in property; the perils are enlisted categorically in the insurance policy cover itself. Employees are the biggest assets to any organization and their protection is of utmost importance .Insurance covers ensure protection against life or accident and also provide medical coverage. Insurance bonds are primarily deposits or collaterals that businesses require as part of their investments. There are a variety of such bonds in the offerings by insurance companies. Professional indemnity provides covers against any errors or act of negligence that has happened by a third party to a business while work injury insurance as the name suggests provides coverage against any work related injury.

Marine insurance which is categorized into two parts essentially namely marine cargo insurance and marine hull insurance are covers for damage of goods during transit and cover for damage in case of a natural calamity respectively. Yet another cover provides protection against machinery and equipments for businesses and is called likewise.

Personal insurance for an individual also provides a variety of covers as protection. Motor insurance provides insurance covers for one’s vehicle in case of an accident etc. depending upon the size of the vehicle and the customer’s requirements. Accidents are inevitable mishaps that can occur in the life of anybody. Protection against accidents and health hazards are also an important aspect of insurance companies.

Homes are the most important asset in the life of any individual, the protection of which is of utmost prerogative. Home insurance comes into play here.

Travel has become an integral part of all of us. Holidays, pleasure trips, international trips, business trips, be it anything, travel insurance is a must keeping in mind the uncertainties of today’s lifestyles. Employment of foreign domestic helpers is a common trend these days and a maid insurance policy provides covers against expenses required in case of a renewal of work permit for a new maid.


Improving employee retention by providing employees with the right health insurance

If you are an employer, you must keep your employees happy because they are the ones who help you run your business. Though there are a number of ways to keep your employees happy, providing them with the right type of health insurance will go a long way in achieving this aim. Once you put in place the right corporate insurance plan that covers the health issues your employees may face, you can be certain that your employees will like to work for you till the end. Not only that, they will be a motivated lot and hence, you can expect optimum productivity from them.

When your employees perform well, you can earn more profits and this will help you not only in hiring the best talents in your industry but in retaining them as well. Simply put, providing your employees with the right type of health insurance is one of the best ways for retaining employees. Especially when you are in a dangerous industry where accident is prone, workmen compensation is extremely important as employees like to know how they are protected.

According to a survey that was conducted to know what excites employees more and inspires them more than anything else to come to work, health insurance is on the top of the list. In fact, it ranks even higher than pay raise. This means that if you put in place a suitable health insurance plan in your company, you will be able to see an overall improvement in the climate of the workplace. This will do a world of good for increasing the productivity of your company also. Let us delve a little deeper into this.

Why providing your employees with the right health insurance benefits is important?

Every employer should focus on employee satisfaction because only if employees are satisfied, you can expect them to put forth their sincere efforts for satisfying your customers. Even health insurance providing companies vouch for the fact that employees of those organizations that have put in place excellent health insurance covers are more satisfied than the employees of companies in which the health insurance covers are not up to the desirable levels or standards. This shows that an appropriate health cover is a major motivating factor that inspires employees more than anything else.

How does a right health cover help in retaining employees?

1. Researches have revealed that employees of those companies in which there is excellent health cover are unlikely to look for new job opportunities. This means that employers like you should provide employees with the right health covers. By doing so, you can retain top talents. This will in turn help your company in earning higher profits as well. With the higher revenues you earn, you can put in place better benefits for your employees, thus paving way for a phenomenal business growth.

On the other hand, if you show stinginess in providing a health cover to your employees, you cannot expect optimal performance from them. Your employees may also develop a tendency to look for better job opportunities. This will not only put the work-flow of the company into jeopardy but may cost you heavily as well. Employee turn-over is a serious problem. All your business plans may go awry. Not only that, you have to find good replacements for the employees who leave your company. This process may again cost you money, time and efforts.

2. If more and more employees keep leaving your company, it will show your company in poor light. Suppliers, business associates and customers may not like to deal with companies that have such a poor reputation. Since there are frequent changes in the employee set-up, you may not be able to satisfy your customers the way you should.

3. Though it may be impossible to have a foolproof system for retaining employees, putting in place an appropriate group plan for covering the health issues of your employees will yield rich dividends. Even top talents available in your field may like to work for your company.

Intricacies of insurance

Insurance is a protection cover against any contingencies that happen in the life of an individual. Technically, it is a contract between the policy holder and the insurance company wherein the event of any occurrence of loss which is stated likewise in the policy, the insurance company is liable to pay an amount of money to the insurer. For example in case of motor insurance, the insurance company is liable to pay a specific sum of money if an accident occurs or anybody is injured during the course of any accident.

The money that an insurance company pays to the insurer is usually the money collected from the insurer by way of ‘Premium’. These are monthly or quarterly payments which are arrived at by a process called ‘underwriting’. Underwriting is a very important function as far as the processing of an insurance policy goes. Though this process, the exact premium that has to be charged from an insurer is decided keeping in mind several factors like age of the insurer, his health usually gauged by a medical check-up in case of health related insurance, the risk factors that one could be prone to etc. If the insurance company finds that the risk factors associated are too high or the age of the insurer is not as per the guidelines of a specific policy, the insurance company can reject to sell the policy to the insurer.

It is imperative on the part of the policy holder or the person who intends to buy a certain policy, to be well versed with the intricacies of any policy before purchasing the same. Also, if a certain insurance company rejects to sell a certain policy, there could be some other company which may sell it with a higher premium or any other clause attached to it. Therefore, information is a key to buying / selling in the insurance sector.

Also, in the case of insurance policies especially accident related ones, there is a specified amount which the insurer has to pay in the case of an accident and the remaining part will be paid by the insurance company. This specified amount which is called ‘deductible’ is pre-decided and agreed upon by both the parties and upon this, the insurance company now decided what premium has to be charged form the insurer. If the person in question decides on a higher deductible, the premium charged will be lower.

In the case of a motor insurance or a health insurance policy for example, usually 10 to 20% of the charges incurred by the insurer has to be paid by the insurer himself and the rest by the insurance company. This also depends on the coverage limit which is the maximum amount that an insurance company will pay for any mishap as form of employer liability insurance. This is regardless of the actual cost incurred by the policy holder and generally is so specified in the policy.

The processing of the ‘Claim’ involves the formal request made by the policy holder to the insurance company in the event of a mishap. This involves the submission of various related documents etc by the policy holder and the subsequent scrunitinization by the insurance company in order to process the claim. For instance, in the case of a health related insurance, a synopsis of the services received by the insurer or the person in whose name the policy has been bought, will be prepared by the doctor or the health care provider and the same will be submitted for evaluation of a ‘claim’. The timely settlement of a claim is an important function of any insurance company and on this depends the popularity of a certain company too.


As insurance for companies is a broad subject, more  information can be found here on wikipedia

Important Points to Consider for Your Firm’s Group Health Insurance

It is indeed an excellent idea to offer your employees group health coverage. There are many benefits for doing so. It can help you to save your tax and is regarded as a great perk to draw good human resource talents to your company. Hence if you want to take in a good group health insurance product for your employees in order to provide good employer liability insurance, you need to consider some of the points mentioned below.

Do not go for low-priced insurance products

While purchasing a group health cover, it is not unusual to get drawn towards those insurance products that have low price tags associated with them. But, if you decide to purchase a product based on price only, there is a high possibility that you will end in choosing the lower cover. It may also be the case that an insurer that is offering a plan with a lower premium deliver unsatisfactory customer service. Hence, do not make the cost as the sole yardstick to purchase your group health insurance plan and have a proper look at its other features too.

Select adequate coverage

You must be aware that today medical and health-related expenses are shooting up at an increasingly alarming rate. Even when a person consults a physician once, it may disrupt his entire monthly budget, especially if he belongs to a middle-class background. So, before choosing a plan for your employees, it is imperative for you that the cover is adequate enough to assist them in dealing with their medical expenses. Plus each year, when the cover needs to be renewed, you should contemplate increasing your group health coverage to be in sync with the prevailing inflation rate.

Your decision should be well-versed

When it is a decision related to your employees’ health, you cannot do any comprise, especially when you have hired some of the best talents in the industry. So, you need to cautiously assess all your available choices before making the health insurance policy final. To do this, you need to evaluate the requirements of your employees properly.

While deciding on an insurer, you need to carefully assess the service aspects and the premium charged by it for the plan you are seeking out for our company. In fact, it is highly recommended that you do reference checks by getting in touch with the existing customers of the insurer and receive their feedback on that group health insurance plan.

If you select a good insurer, they can help your manpower to get the best deals possible. A reputable group health insurer may also add or remove employee records without you intervening into it.

There are some insurers who are known to hire a 3rd party for handling their claims. The latter is known as TPA or Third Party Administrator. On the other hand, there are quite a few insurers who handle their client claims internally. It is absolutely fine if you approach an insurer that is operating through a TPA for handling claims. However, it will be better if you could find out how much time is taken to settle claims.

Go through the policy document thoroughly

The policy for your group health insurance has a great impact on the employees when they need to avail it. Some insurers may not include certain conditions or ailments such as maternity expenses. So, it makes sense to read the policy fine print carefully.

Your employees get a great morale boost when you purchase a good group health insurance plan for them. They will have a feel of being secured and will have an increased sense of belongingness. Hence, you should take the help of a reputable and experienced corporate insurance broker so that they can help you to select the right product from the available choices.

Here is another useful article by The Entrepreneur that talks about the important insurance a company should have.